Disney’s Kevin Mayer Explains The Differentiation Between Disney+ & Hulu At APOS

There are many questions about what content will be coming Disney+, ever since the official reveal in November 2018, we’ve known there are 5 key core brands at the heart of the streaming service.  Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Pixar and Disney.

And during the recent Investors Day event, Disney revealed lots of details on what will be coming.  But there are still many people questioning exactly what will be available.

Recently, Disney’s Kevin Mayer, spoke at the APOS event in Bali, where he talked about many things related to Disney+ and one key aspect that stood out from the interview was how Disney is viewing its content for Disney and Hulu:

“If you’re a fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars or National Geographic, everything that flows through those brands will be on Disney+. Some will travel through other windows, but everything eventually will be on Disney+. It’s a four-quadrant service. You won’t find anything above a PG-13. Hulu is our general-entertainment service, so everything from ABC, FX, the 21st Century Fox television studio, Freeform, Fox Movies, will end up there. And we’ll continue to license from third parties. And in the U.S. we have ESPN+. So three independent services.

These comments do seem to show a clearer cut between Disney+ and Hulu, especially with Disney now owning 66% of Hulu and no doubt are trying to secure the rest of the streaming platform from Comcast.

It’s also interesting how Kevin says “ Some will travel through other windows, but everything eventually will be on Disney+“.  Could this mean shows going through traditional television like the Disney Channel first?  Though the first thing that came to mind was the Marvel shows like Agents of Shield, The Runaways and Cloak & Dagger, that are currently available on Freeform, ABC and Hulu, but maybe don’t slide within the PG-13 limit imposed on Disney+.  Though some TV-14 shows have already been revealed to be there.

The same could also be said for National Geographic content, as there at lots of content available on Hulu, but it would make sense for this to be slowly transferred over to Disney+.

But it also makes it much clearer how Disney is looking at its brands and channels, especially with how the split up between their two major streaming platforms. Making it much easier for consumers to know, which is a key point Disney will want to put over.

And ideally, Disney will be wanting consumers to subscribe to both Hulu and Disney+, to gain access to all of their content, along with ESPN+, which is why they will be doing discounted bundles.

So while all the attention has been on the upcoming Disney+, Hulu has been working away on building its own subscribers and with many divisions of Disney creating content for the platform, plus the addition of 20th Century Fox movies and TV shows, Hulu is getting a massive increase in original content.  And while Hulu is eventually going to lose many of its shows and films to Comcast and Warner, Hulu will be replacing those with a vast library of content of Disney and Fox.

Disney’s strategy of offering different platforms for different consumers, is the opposite of what Netflix is doing, but Disney isn’t just in the streaming business, its got many ways of reaching customers.

What does the differentiation between Hulu and Disney+ mean to you?


Source – WorldScreen



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